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Mobilise SME Special Edition

Mobilise SMEs Again

The successful project MobiliseSME  is re-opening and offering again the opportunity to SMEs in Europe to do an employee’s exchange with another company abroad!

The first 5 exchanges arranged by companies from 2 different European countries will be financed by European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME, the biggest Confederation of voluntarily associated small and medium-sized companies in Europe.

The exchanges that will be supported in this re-opening of the MobiliseSME program will be funded by European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME, the former MobiliseSME lead partner, which will provide funds directly to the visiting employees in the form of a grant.


1 – Application: All companies that can arrange autonomously a mobility of an employee (or manager) should inform us between February 1st and March31st 2019. This is the period in which companies and the employee must present a valid candidature for an exchange of employees, based on a signed ”tripartite agreement”. European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME will decide on the funding. The actual exchanges can happen at a later stage, but should be finished by July 31st 2019.

2 – Duration: All the exchanges taking place under this re-opening of the MobiliseSME program can last as long as companies want. Anyway, European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME will pay only a maximum of 1 month exchange. In case the exchange lasts longer, the companies should take agreement for the financial coverage of the costs borne to the employee. In case the exchange lasts only 2 weeks, European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME will cover only the expenses for 2 weeks. The exchanges can be divided into 2 time periods of approx. 1 or 2 weeks.

3 – Only the first 5 valid candidatures for exchanges will be granted with the support.

To know more, including how to apply, you can look at our updated Matchmaking section.

We look forward to your applications to continue this unique project bringing a real added-value to SMEs in Europe!

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